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Horsemen's Council of Illinois serves as the voice of the horse industry in our state to protect our animals and our rights as horsemen, educate within and outside our industry about horses and their impact, and to advocate for horses and for you, the horse lover. HCI is the only horse association in this state that represents all breeds, all disciplines, and every type of horse-related enterprise throughout our state. READ MORE

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Controversial Bill HB3339 Fails

in Illinois Legislature

In the Spring Session of the 101st Illinois General Assembly, Rep. Robert Rita of Blue Island, introduced House Bill 3339. This bill sought to create the Horse-drawn Carriage Regulation and Safety Act and would affect carriage horse owners and business owners throughout the state if passed. After a failed attempt to further regulate and/or prohibit horse drawn carriages in the City of Chicago, the Animal Welfare Institute crafted this language to apply to the entire state in an effort to reach those Chicago Carriage Horse Owners. Obviously, a number of issues and concerns come with any bill that would arbitrarily govern horses and owners who live and work in such diverse situations - urban, suburban and rural. The Horsemen's Council of Illinois, along with the Illinois Farm Bureau and other groups opposed this legislation. Through active lobbying of our legislators, we were able to stall the bill in committee and believe it to be effectively killed at this point. During the process, HCI and others reached out to the Representative and the AWI lobbyist to offer expertise and information regarding the bill but were not able to get a meeting with either person. We remain open to discussing any concerns of potential legislation affecting horses and owners in Illinois. HCI owes a big thank you to all its members and supporters who voiced their opposition and contacted their legislators regarding this bill. Working together, we were able to protect our animals and our way of life.


The AHC survey results are complete! Thank you to everyone for completing the survey's. The voice of the Illinois' Horse Owners has been heard! We'll be sharing the full results with our Legislators to keep your voices heard!

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