llinois Horse Fair 2017 Clinicians!!

We have worked to get a wide variety of clinicians in the English and Western World!  Take a Look as we announce clinicians.  If you're a hunter/jumper/eventer, working ranch rider, barrel racer, overall horsemanship person...you'll love who we have lined up!  Plus, we have a couple of surprises up our sleeves!

2017 Clinicians Page

12/09/16 Illinois Horse Fair Update

We are thrilled so many have already committed to participating in IHF2017, and "Thank You" for your support.  We are actively signing up vendors, riders, breed and service groups. Keep an eye on this space for more news!


See you in 2017 on March 3-5!

We are so excited by the Great Response from vendors and equestrians with many equestrian products and services, breeds, clubs, stables, teams and sport disciplines joining us at Illinois Horse Fair 2017 in Springfield, IL on March 3-5, 2017.  

Breed and Sport Update:
We have Appaloosas, Tennessee Walkers, Fox Trotters, Belgians, Mustangs, Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, Gypsy Vanner, Friesians, Mules and Spotted Saddle Horses signed up!  We would love to have Mules, Minis, Off Track Thoroughbreds, Paints,  Arabians, Fjords, Shetlands, Warmbloods, Standardbreds, Percherons, Clydsdales, Arabians, Standardbreds, Curlies, Fells, German Riding Ponies, Buckskins, Palominos, Lipizzaner, Andalusians, Paso Finos, Baroque and your favorite breed represented at Illinois Horse Fair 2017.  Contact Horses@Illinoishorsefair.com or IHF@Horsemenscouncil.org if you have any questions.
IHF2017 will have Trail Riders, Barrel Racers, Jumpers, Classical and Western Dressage Musical Freestyles, Reining, Working Ranch Horses, and even Trick Riders just back from Las Vegas!   IHF2017 would love you to support your sport on March 3-5, 2017, and have room to include Mounted Shooting, Mounted Archery, Orienteering, Polo, 3-Day Eventing, Draft or Pony Pulls, Equestrian Games, Endurance, Driving  and More.  Contact Horses@Illinoishorsefair.com or IHF@Horsemenscouncil.org if you have any questions.
ADM Team Challenge
ADM is our Livestock Center sponsor this year, and they are hosting the ADM Team Challenge for Breed Groups, Stables, University Teams, Families and Friends.  A Team is comprised of minimum 2 people and 1 horse, up to 10 people and 3 horses.  Entry form is available on the Website, and the winning team takes home $500.   Contact IHF@Horsemenscouncil.org if you have any questions.  ​
Clinician Update: We have openings remaining for the following clinicians, and forms are attached for clinic sign up:
  • Jane Melby - Barrel Racing, email Samantha at S.S.Hoelscher@gmail.com for info
  • Dave Dewell, Working Ranch Horse, Reining.  Contact Will at Wdean1530@gmail.com for info
  • Steve Lanvit, Trail, Transitions and Horse/Rider Communications. Contact Alicia at pool.alicia@mail.ic.edu for info
    Loren Basham, Young and Mature Mules. Contact IHF@horsemenscouncil.org for info 
  • Brody Robertson, Jumpers.  Contact Paula at brineypaula@aol.com for info.

Exhibitors/Vendors Update:
We have great spaces in B110/Annex and Barn 18 if you wish to promote your products, services, breed, stable, club or sport in the IHF2017 Vendor Fair. Vendor forms are available at http://www.horsemenscouncil.org/Illinois-Horse-Fair.  Contact Vendors@Illinoishorsefair.com or IHF@horsemenscouncil.org if you have any questions.  We are excited to report the Lower Livestock Center Vendor Space is sold out.
We hope you join us in Springfield, IL on March 3-5, 2017 at Illinois Horse Fair 2017!

The Horsemen's Council of Illinois Horse Fair Committee and Event Manager Sally Rush of StrategicEQ have been working this summer to lay a solid foundation for a successful 2017 Illinois Horse Fair.  In July 2016, the HCI Fair Committee conducted a "Lessons Learned Meeting" to review IHF 2016 from a HCI, fair attendee, equestrian, volunteer and vendor viewpoint.  This meeting generated nearly 30 pages of notes, and this effort provides the foundation for our IHF 2017 Strategic Plan. 

The IHF2017 Strategic Plan will address improvements to:

  • The IHF 2017 Fairgrounds "Building Footprint"
  • Ticketing and In-Gate Management
  • Visitor Welcome, Signage and Information
  • Clinician Promotion, Organization, and Rider Experience 
  • Vendor Foot-Traffic and Hospitality
  • Sponsor Recognition 
  • Volunteer Appreciation, Training and Hospitality
  • Coliseum Scheduling and Communications
  • Equestrian Check-In, Stabling and Move-Out Schedule

The HCI Fair Committee is reaching out to clinicians, speakers, volunteers and vendors.   

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or want to get involved with Illinois Horse Fair you can reach event manager Sally Rush by email at ihf@horsemenscouncil.org or phone 217-689-4224 x 107.

Click Here to view Photos from our official photographer Mane Event Promotions.     


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