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Fri, 3-1

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Focus on Horse Behavior and Human Interactions

Focus on Equine Health and Welfare

Horse Smorgasbord

10:00 AM

Why Doesn’t My Horse Do What I Want Him To Do? Behavioral shaping and horse training techniques; knowing what you are doing can make you a more effective trainer
David Nobbe, PhD

When pastures wilt and hay is scarce – alternative forage options for your horses
Kevin Kline, PhD


11:00 AM

Lessons About the Unwanted Horse.
Trends and perceptions, impact and problem solving
Jill Montgomery

Are the Worms Winning?  The growing problem of parasite resistance.
            John Byrd, DVM


12:00 PM

How Horses Can Connect When Humans Cannot;
the use of horses as a therapy tool
Meggan Hill-McQueeny

Horses Are Not People; the connection between changing human lifestyles and colic, ulcers and other problems
Dean Meyer, DVM


1:00 PM

Stable and riding activities geared to the midlife rider
Marcy Heepke

Evolution of the Horse Doctor – Equine health and welfare during the Civil War
David Gerleman, PhD

The American Mustang; origins, history and uses.
Kathy & Shawn Lewis

2:00 PM

The Making of Unwanted Horses . Evolution of society's perspective on the stewardship of horses from beast of burden to beloved pets, through the camera of legislation.
Jill Montgomery

Equine Welfare Assessment;
What to do and what gets done with a neglected or abused horse
Mark Ernst, DVM

College admissions and financial aid tips from a professional
Timothy Williams

3:00 PM

Bits and Bitting
The link between behavior and trainability
Julie Cyra

Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best – Equine Version; disaster preparedness for you and your horse
Chuck Sheahan & Anna Ruman, DVM

Career Options in the Horse Industry; What’s out there and what it takes to get it
Karin Bump, PhD

4:00 PM

America’s Mustangs and Their Management;
issues and controversies
Carolyn Stull

Second Career Horses:
experiences with retraining and rehoming unwanted horses
Dennis Foster

Biomechanics of Gait
Anita Howe

5:00 PM



Queen Pageant Pointers


2 0 1 3    S P E A K E R S !
Logan Park, PH.D


Logan Park, PH.D
Logan Park studies the things that separate great riding and hiking trails from the rest.  Dr. Park has a B.S. Environmental Chemistry from Furman University, a M.S. in Natural Resources Planning (Outdoor Recreation) from the University of Vermont, and a Ph.D from Virginia Tech in Recreation Ecology. 
He works in the Forestry Department at SIU with partners like the Illinois Equine Industry Research and Promotion Board, the National Park Service, and the USDA to develop and test trail design and construction methods.  Growing up in the woods and being introduced to horses as a boy have given Dr. Park the goal of improving recreation facilities to get more enthusiasts of all kinds outdoors.


Lois Guyon, PHD and Ruth Fennick, PHD


Lois Guyon, PHD and Ruth Fennick, PHD
Drs. Lois Guyon and Ruth Fennick are inaugural members of the LaSalle County, Illinois, Sheriff's Mounted Search and Rescue Posse. They have participated in searches for lost persons, conducted crowd control during emergencies, and represented the Sheriff's Office in ceremonial activities. As retired professors, Fennick and Guyon have used their teaching experience to help train other groups including the Melrose Park Mounted Search and Rescue Team, which serves Cook County, Illinois.  They are certified in both ground and mounted search techniques by Grundy County Mounted Search and Rescue, Will County Emergency Management Agency, and Mounted Police Training Systems.  Both live in Streator, Illinois.

John Byrd, DVM

John Byrd, DVM - Horsemen's Laboratory
Dr. John Byrd has a lifetime of horse experience.  He began training and showing horses in pleasure and reining for his father while in grade school and continued to train and show horses until entering college. During college Dr. Byrd became interested in Running Quarter Horses, which developed into a 22 year involvement with owning, breeding and racing his Quarter Horses in 8 states.  He and his wife, Becky built Westbrook Stable in 1973 as a Quarter Horse breeding farm where they stood 3 stallions and bred 40-50 mares a year.
Dr. Byrd graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and served is large animal medical residency at the University of Florida in 1977. Dr. Byrd spent 13 years practicing in California where he also served on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association.  He was also frequently officiated as veterinarian for horse shows sponsored by the management of Orange County Fairgounds in Costa Mesa, CA.  After moving back to Illinois and resuming Westbrook Stable as a boarding stable, Dr. Byrd began Horsemen’s Laboratory.
Managing parasite in horses can be challenging and confusing for even the most experienced horse owners.  Horsemen’s Laboratory helps horse owners protect their horses from worms and helps owners create individualized, customized worm control programs.

David Nobbe, PHD

David Nobbe, PHD
Dr. Dave Nobbe currently manages a Hackney pony farm with over 600 ponies in his care.  He serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Foundation (ITBOF) and has been on the board since 1992.  He is the Secretary on the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois and President of the Illinois Equine Research and Promotion Board.  He has spent most of his working life managing Thoroughbred breeding farms.  While in graduate school, Dave and his colleagues started one of the first pet behavior therapy practices in the United States.  Dave is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with degrees in Animal Science and Psychology and advanced degrees in Experimental Psychology – Learning.

David J. Gerleman, PHD

David J. Gerleman, PHD
Dr. David J. Gerleman received his B.A. degree in political science from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where he studied under distinguished historian John Y. Simon. At SIUC he wrote his dissertation Unchronicled Heroes: A Study of Union Cavalry Horses in the Eastern Theater--Care, Treatment & Use, 1861-1865 which intertwined both military and cultural history by exploring issues such as horse breeds, purchase systems, forage supply, veterinary treatment, and tracing how long standing social differences between North and South affected the type of horses they bred, for what purposes they used them, and how these factors later influenced their mounted forces in the field. He has been an Assistant Editor with the Papers of Abraham Lincoln Project since 2008 and is currently helping conduct a detailed search for Lincoln documents in the National Archives in Washington, DC.
Dr. Gerleman has authored numerous book reviews and articles and has received several distinguished post-doctoral awards including fellowships from the U.S. Military Historical Institute, the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. Among his public presentations are “A Blot on the Army: Veterinary Care in the Union Cavalry, 1861-1865” for the Smithsonian Institution’s Civil War Sesquicentennial Symposium; “These Loyal Alabamians: A Portrait of the First Alabama Union Cavalry Drawn from the Records of the National Archives and Pension Files” for the Alabama Association of Historians; and “Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and the Equestrian Image of the Commander-in-Chief” for the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, Kentucky.
Dr. Gerleman also serves as an adjunct professor of history at George Mason University where he has taught courses on nineteenth century American history, Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil War. He previously served as an intern with the Congressional Research Service’s Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division, and with the Society of the Cincinnati’s Special Collections at the Anderson House Museum in Washington, DC. His main areas of interest are the American Civil War, 19th Century military history, and cavalry. He resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster

Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster
Dennis Foster holds a masters degree in Administrative Justice and is a graduate of US Army Command and General Staff College.  Dennis is a highly decorated veteran of 26 years in the army and served in conflicts from Vietnam to Desert Storm.  He has served as a special agent in highly classified intelligence programs and special operations and as a chief law enforcement officer involving international drug operations and anti-terrorism operations.
Listed as one of the 100 most powerful people in the equestrian world by Spur magazine in 1997 and 1998, Dennis Foster is an avid Foxhunter, having hunted with 399 different hunts in eleven countries on three continents.  He is also a prolific writer on the topics of Foxhunting as well as animal welfare and animal rights.  Dennis authored of the book “Whipper-in” and numerous articles in horse publications throughout the US, Canada and northern Europe.
Since 1993, Dennis has served as the Executive Director for the Masters of Foxhounds of America.  The MFHA provides the standards for and represents mounted Foxhunting in the US and Canada.  He is also the keeper of the Foxhound studbook, a registry that contains over 80,000 foxhounds. He is a member of the national and international committees working to preserve hunting throughout the world.  He is an advisor to United States Sportsman Alliance, the largest organization representing sportsman in the US and a board member of the International Union of Hunting with Hounds. Dennis has testified as an expert witness before the US Senate, various state legislatures and in court cases on foxhunting issues.  He has been awarded the MFHA’s highest honor -universal colors- which allows him to hunt with any registered or recognized pack in America and Canada.
Dennis Foster is also very involved in equine welfare issues.  He sits on the advisory committee for the American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition, and Horse Welfare Committee, is a Board member of the National Animal Interest Alliance, and serves on the steering committee of the American Wildlife Conservation Partners representing 50 major wildlife and conservation organizations across the US. 
Considered an international expert on animal rights tactics and organizations, Dennis has given presentations on this subject in the United States, Canada, Ireland, England, France, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia.  In 1998 he received the Virginia Horse Industry Award for his leadership in the fight against animal rights extremism.

Daniel J. Burke, PH.D.

Daniel J. Burke, PH.D. - Tribute Equine Nutrition
Dr. Dan Burke received his B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Illinois and his M.S. in equine reproductive physiology from Texas A&M University. He earned a PhD in Equine Nutrition/Exercise Physiology from the University of Illinois where he performed the initial research leading to the use of higher fat diets in horses.
Dr. Burke taught at Illinois State University for five years as an assistant professor, and developed a nationally recognized Equine Management Program. Dr. Burke founded Equine Educational Services, an equine nutrition and management consulting company that he ran for nine years. He has also worked as a Scientist-Program Manager in the Animal Health Business Unit at Abbott Laboratories.
Dr Burke is now Director of Equine Nutrition for Tribute Equine Nutrition at Kalmbach Feeds, Inc.  At Kalmbach Feeds, Dr. Burke is responsible for new product development, sales-team training, dealer and customer seminars and developing educational materials. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and lectures extensively to professional and lay audiences alike. Dr. Burke recently acted as Editor for the Equine Nutrition Chapter for the upcoming publication and website “Clinical Veterinary Advisor - The Horse”. He has presented equine nutrition seminars approved for continuing education credit for veterinarians in numerous states. He has recently spoken at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress, the Equine Affair, The Ohio State Veterinary College Breeding Management Seminar and the Florida Thoroughbred Farm Managers Association. Dr. Burke has bred, raised and trained horses for 30 years – he has a high level of expertise combined with over 25 years of practical experience.

Carolyn L. Stull, PHD, DACAN, DACAWS

Carolyn L. Stull, PHD, DACAN, DACAWS
As a recognized national and international leader in the field of equine welfare, Dr. Carolyn Stull has tackled some of the tough topics in the horse industry – starvation and neglect, transportation to slaughter, euthanasia, mustang management and more.  She is a leader in the development of science-based animal welfare standard for several species, especially the horse.
Dr. Carolyn Stull received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Purdue University, and then continued her studies at the University of Illinois to earn her Master’s and PhD degree in Animal Science. She is also board certified in the American College of Animal Nutrition and the American College of Animal Welfare Science. 
Dr. Stull currently serves as a Cooperative Extension Specialist at the University of California, Davis where she directs the School of Veterinary Medicine's Animal Welfare Program focusing on the well-being of agricultural animals, primarily horses and dairy cattle.  She disseminates information on the welfare of farm animals to the agricultural community, representatives of public policy, non-profit organizations, and consumer groups.
As a scientist, Dr. Stull was ahead of her time with her early research on carbohydrate feeding of horses and establishing the glycemic index of common horse feeds.  She has gained international recognition for her research on methods of refeeding starved horses. Her research on horse transport resulted in adoption of national guidelines for the transport of horses to slaughter.
Dr. Stull is the national recipient of the "Hank Award," presented for outstanding research benefiting the welfare of the horse. She has served as the Chair of the Animal Welfare Committee of the US Animal Health Association, has worked in collaboration with the US Dept. of Agriculture on issues such as the Horse Protection Act and the Commercial Transport of Equines to Slaughter, and she has served as a scientific observer for the US Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program. She was the North American representative to the ad hoc group on Land Transportation for the OIE, the World Organization for Animal Health in Paris.
Dr. Stull is the author of 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles including the recent publication (2010) entitled “Minimum Standards of Horse Care in the State of California.” Dr. Stull has authored or co-authored guidelines for equine rescue and rehabilitation facilities, feeding and care of the starved horse, minimal guidelines for equine facilities and guidelines for humane euthanasia of horses.  She is currently involved with studying long-term transportation stress, formulating nutritional rehabilitation programs for starved animals, and characterizing factors that impact the unwanted horse in the United States.

Laura Jones

Laura Jones - Certified Horsemanship Association
Laura has been a Master Instructor and Clinic Staff with Certified Horsemanship Association since 1999.  Certified Horsemanship has been in existence since 1967. CHA’s mission is: To promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the entire horse industry.  This is accomplished by certifying instructors, accrediting equine facilities and publishing educational resources. 
Laura has also been an Equine Canada Instructor since 2007.  She is currently teaching academic courses at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Laura has served on local horse association committees and board positions for 20 years, organized horse shows, and competed in a variety of English and Western disciplines.  Laura and her husband own and operate Dreamfields Riding Centre and offer a variety of services to the horse industry in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Chris Power and Marty Power

Chris Power and Marty Power
Marty Power rode horses as a child but did not have another opportunity until midlife when she when she and husband Chris bought a 9 year old Hungarian Felver gelding in 2003.  Chris had never ridden before, and began taking lessons – and he improved fast.  Both Marty and Chris began distance riding in 2004 and have been riding over 500 miles each season ever since.  In Chris’ first year of competition he and his horse, Bik were the Competitive Rookie of the year. They ride in all three distance disciplines, competitive trail (CT), limited distance (LD), and endurance.  Currently they compete on four horses—WineGlass Debonair and H. Bikaver have over 2,000 miles each to their credit, SA Te Jat has almost 4,000 lifetime miles, and their new horse, H. WineGlass Soave was started just last year.  This past season Chris and WineGlass Debonair were the Heavyweight Endurance Champions for UMECRA (Upper Midwest Endurance & Competitive Rides Association). Pretty amazing for someone that didn’t start riding until he was 53!
The Powers start their horses with at least two years of competitive trail riding to build a strong foundation.  Competitive trail riding allows the horse to learn when to walk, trot or canter; to take care of themselves and eat and drink along the trail; how to stand quietly for veterinary exams; how to trot out for the vets, etc.  Beginning competitive trail riders learn the arts of patience and pacing for each horse.
Chris and Marty are members of AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference), UMECRA, and AHDRA (Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association). Chris is the Secretary/Treasurer of AHDRA and Marty is on the Board of Directors of UMECRA.  In 2013 AHDRA will be hosting the Arabian Horse Association National Distance Championship at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area (JEPC) near Chandlerville, Illinois.

Chuck Sheahen

Chuck Sheahen
Chuck is a third generation firefighter; both his father and grandfather were volunteer firefighters.  His career spans over 40 years in the fire service.  He began his career in 1966 as a fire protection specialist with the United States Air Force.  Chuck has also worked for the Army as a civilian contract firefighter.  He spent 27 years with the Rolling Meadows fire department., and retired as a Lieutenant.  Currently he is a volunteer firefighter with the Scales Mound Fire Protection District in Jo Daviess County. Since 2006, Chuck has been a field staff instructor with the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute, teaching a variety of subjects.
Chuck holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science Technology and many State of Illinois certifications.  He has worked in fire suppression, incident command, public fire safety education, fire prevention, training, and emergency medicine.  Chuck is a strong advocate of firefighter safety and public education. 
In addition to all of his firefighting credentials, Chuck has been a horse enthusiast since his youth and a horse owner for over 20 years.  He has combined his two passions to benefit both horses and emergency responders.  He has been instrumental in the development of a Large Animal Rescue course for the first responders and firefighters of Illinois.

Stefanie Reinhold

Stefanie Reinhold - Interactive Bodywork for Horses™ - Basic Horse Mechanics™
Stefanie first learned about the needs of performance horses in her youth in Germany. Her early horse training education included a Federation Nationale apprenticeship with a show barn as well as 2 years training under a certified Master Trainer and working at an eventing barn. After raising her family, Stefanie returned to the professional ranks in a different capacity, determined to assist equine athletes be the best they can be through interactive bodywork.
 Stephanie became a certified Equine Massage Practitioner and then a Masterson Method™ certified practitioner and instructor.  She is certified to practice and teach Interactive Equine Performance Bodywork™.
Interactive Bodyworkwithhorses recognizes restrictions that lead to performance decline and helps to release these restrictions by guiding the horse through targeted exercises. The result is improved performance and often an improved ‘attitude’ and willingness in the horse. This work is beneficial to horses in all situations, not just sports and performance horses. In addition, Stefanie has a special interest in working with horses with pain/trauma related behavioral and performance issues.
During the past 5 years, Stephanie has worked on well over 1,000 different horses, including champion endurance horses, top breeding studs in Germany and all kinds of pleasure horses, draft, horses, mules, and even oxen!
Along with her mentor, Jim Masterson, Stefanie has co-authored the book “Beyond Horse Massage” published in 2011. She has also translated Christian Schacht’s book “Sport Horse Conformation” into English. Stephanie works in the US and Germany and lives in Madison, Wisconsin.
You can contact Stefanie via email at: and through her website at:

Scott Autsin, DVM, DACVIM

Scott Austin, DVM, DACVIM - Department of Equine Medicine & Surgery, University of Illinois
Dr. Austin is a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. He completed a residency in equine medicine at the University of Illinois and became board-certified in large animal internal medicine in 1992.  Dr. Austin has worked at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in the ambulatory section and has been employed in equine private practice.  He currently serves as a member of the Clinical Medicine Department at the University of Illinois where he is the section head for Equine Medicine and Surgery .  He also serves as the faculty advisor for the student chapter of the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners).

Matt Jenkins

Matt Jenkins - Jenkins Hoof Care
Born and raised in the hills of southern Illinois, Matt Jenkins has been on horseback since the age of three.  After trying out many ponies, his father bought Matt a Galiceno horse.  As they say, the rest is history.  For over thirty years, Matt’s love for animals has been a major part of his life.  His interests have included beef cattle as well as equine.
In 1999, Matt received his Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University in Beef Nutrition, with a minor in Agri-business.  In 2003, he graduated as a Master Farrier from the Kentucky Horseshoeing School. 
After several years as a traditional farrier, Matt became interested in the Bare Foot trim.  After researching this trimming method, talking with experts, and attending seminars to hone his skills, Matt now combines all of his various areas of expertise to benefit the horse through specializing in the Bare Foot trim.  Without using the shoe, a hoof is not restricted and is allowed to grow naturally, and by combining the principles of the Bare Foot trim with his knowledge of equine nutrition, corrective shoeing, and exercise, Matt has been able to assist owners in achieving a healthy, well conditioned and happy horse.
Matt says, “The Bare Foot trim requires a commitment between the equestrian, the farrier, and the horse.”  “It is a team effort.” “In this commitment, I stress the importance of not just the trim, but that of nutrition and exercise.”  “Like the old saying goes, No legs!  No horse!”
Matt has shared his knowledge of hoof function and his practical experience from trimming over 500 horses every six weeks at presentations to the American Competitive Trail Horse Association meeting, the Farm Bureau District 18 horse event, and to various equine organizations.

Kevin H. Kline, PHD

Kevin H. Kline, PHD - Professor, Animal Sciences, University of Illinois
Dr. Kevin Kline is a Professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He serves as the State Extension Specialist for Equine, and also has appointments in resident instruction and research.  Dr. Kline’s Extension appointment includes both youth and adult components. Dr. Kline serves as a Director of the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois (HCI) and Chair of the HCI Foundation. He also serves as a consultant for several state racing commissions and racetracks regarding integrity of horse racing.
Dr. Kline conducts research regarding the detection and deterrence of illegal substances in racehorses using blood gas testing, and has done several nutrition studies related to the effects of feed processing on growth and feed efficiency in growing horses.
Dr. Kline teaches the popular undergraduate Horse Management and Equine Science courses at U of I, and teaches the equine section of Introduction to Animal Sciences with up to 180 students. He has over 20 undergraduate advisees and also advises MS and PhD degree candidates in Animal Sciences.

Mark J. Ernst, DVM

Mark J. Ernst, DVM - Illinois State Veterinarian
Dr. Ernst completed undergraduate course work at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign, (UIUC), and earned a D.V.M. from the UIUC College of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. From 1984 to 1989, he was in private mixed animal clinical practice in central Illinois. In July of 1989, Dr. Ernst accepted a position with the Illinois Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Health as a field veterinarian in northern and central Illinois. As a field veterinarian, he was responsible for all regulatory animal health activities in his assigned area. While employed as a field veterinarian, he was further trained as a Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostician, (FADD), at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center in New York. As a FADD, Dr. Ernst performed foreign animal disease investigations when suspicious cases were reported to the department. In 2003, he was temporarily assigned to the Illinois Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare office as the Acting Assistant Bureau Chief for Animal Health. He held that position until January of 2005 when he was appointed State Veterinarian and Bureau Chief.

Mary Anna Wood

Mary Anna Wood
Mary Anna Wood has been a Certified Horsemanship Clinic Instructor for over 40 years.  Mary Anna has taught students of all ages in English, Western and Trail disciplines.  She brings to her students a lifetime experience with horses and competitive trail riding.  She and her horse, competitive trail-riding legend Elmer Bandit have been featured in Equus, Western Horseman and Trail Blazer magazines and have attracted attention from around the globe for their accomplishments, which include:
• 26 National Championship awards in Competitive Trail Riding between 1980-2007
• First horse inducted into NATRC Horse Hall of Fame
• Arabian Horse Association High Point NATRC Half Arabian award for four years (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006)
• First place in the NATRC Region 6 (2006)
Elmer Bandit completed 20,780 lifetime miles in competition at the time of his death in 2010 at the age of 38.

Kristi Harris

Kristi Harris
Kristi Harris has been a Certified Horsemanship Association Master Clinic Instructor for more than 25 years.  She is also a CHA Overnight Trail Guide, CHA Driving Clinic Instructor and CHA Site Visitor. Kristi has served as a United States Pony Club Chief Horse Management Judge for 10 years.
Kristi has worked as an English, Western, trail, driving and vaulting instructor for over 30 years. She has also held positions as Horsemanship Director of a YMCA Camp & Conference Center for 15 years and a Mennonite Camp & Conference Center Equestrian Program Director for 4 years and has acted as a horse program consultant and guest instructor for numerous camps, colleges, USPC & 4-H clubs and stables & riding programs all over the USA. Kristi currently works in a church & conference center horsemanship program in Oklahoma.

Mary K. Church

Mary K. Church - Leave No Trace Horsemanship and Back Country Riding
As a life-long trail rider, Mary K. Church’s horseback riding experience was written into her daily life. Her childhood family home in northeast Missouri was remotely located at the end of 7 miles of gravel road. Her horse was her main source of transport, companionship, adventure, and entertainment.
Mary K. holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in Education. Her 30-year teaching career included teaching in Illinois, Abilene, Texas and Missouri. She now makes her home near Palmyra, MO with several horses, dogs, and cats on 35 acres, with family close by. Trail riding was always a major outlet for Mary K., however after retirement, she felt the need to immerse herself in something worthwhile that she could “do from her horse”, and Back Country Horsemen filled the bill.
In addition to riding nearly daily and camping with her horses, Mary K. serves Back Country Horsemen of America as a:
Trail Master for the Northeast Missouri River Valley Chapter, Show-Me Missouri Back Country Horsemen (SMMBCH); she is also the Vice President and Chair of the Service Committee for this group
• Leave-No Trace Trainer
• Missouri Delegate, Back Country Horsemen of American National Board

Jill Montgomery

Jill Montgomery - CEO, JRAM Enterprises, Inc., Equine Business Consultants Animal Welfare Council
Jill Montgomery has extensive experience with work on horse industry issues.  She is on the Board of Directors for the Animal Welfare Council, Chair of the Colorado Horse Council’s Legislative and Regulatory Committee, Certified as an English and Western Riding Instructor, and Equine Facility Manager with the Certified Horsemanship Association. She is a founding member of the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance, and former Executive Director for the American Youth Horse Council. Her company JRAM Enterprises is in the business of growing the horse industry through projects that build knowledge, safety, and joy in equine pursuits.

Karen L. Jones, PhD

Karen L. Jones, PhD
Dr. Jones is Professor in the Animal Science, Food and Nutrition department and Graduate Studies Director for the College of Agricultural Sciences at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC).  She received her doctoral training from Texas A&M University in Veterinary Physiology where she studied epigenetic DNA mechanisms in cattle cloning.
Dr. Jones began her career at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 1999 where she has taught Animal Breeding and Genetics to over 500 students, as well as classes in animal ethics, livestock products, beef cattle management, reproduction and equine science.  She has served as Interim Department Chair in Animal Science and Acting Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture. Her expertise in genetics has made her a sought-after research collaborator.  Dr. Jones has investigated reproductive cyclicity in mares, digestion of genetically modified crops, enhancement of health promoting microbes, and the impacts of fescue consumption on reproduction in livestock.
Dr. Jones has won several awards including:  the SIUC Woman of Distinction Award, SIUC Excellence Through Commitment - Outstanding Teacher, SIUC College of Agricultural Sciences Teaching Excellence, SIUC College of Agricultural Science’s Outstanding Advisor Award, and Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s College of Agricultural Science’s Faculty Service Award.

Julie Cyra

Julie Cyra
Julie Cyra is the owner and proprietor of one of the country’s largest saddle shops, West 20 Ranch & Saddle Co., in East Troy, Wisconsin. The facility and retail store were designed specifically with saddle fitting in mind, and have become a destination point for people and their horses.
West 20 Saddle Co. has been labeled one of the last of the all American-Made saddle shops, catering to those that appreciate the quality and workmanship of handmade saddles and tack, and helping to educate each and every customer about the quality and fit they should expect.
Julie started the business in 1990, after working for several years with other saddlers in the area. She also works closely with many saddle manufacturers to determine what is missing in our industry, and to help them to build affordable products cus-tomers need to fit today’s modern and varied breed standards.
Julie Cyra has done countless private saddle fittings, and hundreds of clinics over the years in Wisconsin and other states. She has a simple and unique way of educating the horse owner, and uses facts, rather than opinions, to clarify the confusion people feel when they discuss saddle fitting.

Sherry McFarland

Sherry McFarland
Sherry McFarland and her husband, Pat, live outside of Lawrenceville, IL.  Sherry has been involved with horses most of her life.  She earned a Bachelor degree in Equine Management, Business and Marketing from Saint Mary of the Woods College in Indiana.
Sherry is an accomplished rider, trainer and instructor.  In 2001 she won the World Foundation Quarter Horse Show in Senior Barrels and Poles on her horse, Roxette Command.  She and Roxette also competed in Performance Halter, Ranch Riding, Reining , Ranch Reining, Working Cowhorse and Cutting.  Since then, Sherry has gone on the show two other horses, Jamaican My Way and Peppy Jerry San, and won a NCHA Area 13 Non Pro Cutting event.
Sherry and Pat McFarland have owned and operated S Bar M Quarter Horses for over 20 years, where they board, conduct youth programs and teach an active lesson program.  Sherry also teaches Horse Management for Frontier Community College in Fairfield, IL.  She was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois.

Stephanie Speiser

Stephanie Speiser
Stephanie Speiser has been professionally employed in the horse industry for 28 years.  She is currently the a Senior Lecturer in the Equine Science Program at Southern Illinois University, the only 4 year Equine Program in the State of Illinois. Stephanie teaches horse conformation form to function as well as various aspects of horse management.  She serves as Equine Coordinating Counselor for the program and is the faculty advisor for the Intercollegiate Equestrian Show Team.  She also coaches the Horse Judging Team.  She has served as a horse show judge at regional, state, and local levels and is a Certified Horsemanship Instructor.

Anna Ruman, DVM

Anna Ruman, DVM
Dr. Anna Ruman has a lifetime passion for horses that led her to become a licensed trainer and driver of Standardbred racehorses while still in her teens.  Dr. Ruman graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. She practiced equine medicine and surgery in Delaware before taking a position with USDA-Food Safety Inspection Service.  During her career with FSIS she was located in Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.  She still was involved with racing trotters during this time.  She currently works for APHIS (the USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service), Veterinary Services as the Area Emergency Coordinator for Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  In this position, she assists state agencies in emergency animal response planning and is active at the University of Illinois Vet School to educate veterinary students in emergency response and foreign animal disease. She received training at Plum Island, NY as a Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostician and was the Incident Commander for Illinois in the outbreak of Contagious Equine Metritis.  Dr. Ruman lives on a 120 acre farm in Mackinaw, Illinois with her husband Mike Tromp where they raise bison and Standardbred racehorses.

Dean Meyer, DVM

Dean Meyer, DVM
Dr. Meyer received his BS and DVM from Michigan State University. He began practicing in Lodi, Wisconsin and later owned and operated Riverdale Veterinary Clinic in Muscoda. In 1984 he established Madison Equine Clinic. He is past president of Wisconsin Equine Practitioners Association. He helped found and is the first president of the Wisconsin State Horse Council. His interest in equine nutrition led to the formation of Doctor's Choice Supplements. His professional interests include reproduction, lameness and all aspects of dental care.



Dennis D. French, DVM

Dennis D. French, DVM
Dr. French is a professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine at the University of Illinois.  He graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota in 1978 and began his professional career as an instructor at Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. He then was hired as an associate by the Illinois Equine Field Service in Naperville, IL. In 1981 he returned to LSU and progressed through the academic ranks to the level of professor. He joined the University of Illinois as a clinician and section chief in 2009.
Dr. French is certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in equine practice and has served the ABVP as credentials chair, executive secretary, examination chair, and president. He is a past-president of both the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association and the Lone Star Therapeutic Equestrian Network and has served as a trustee for the W. J. Ernst Foundation. Dr. French's primary interests are in the field of herd health and reproduction. Academia has allowed him to ask the question of why things occur.

Frank Bowman

Frank Bowman
Frank Bowman hails from Pleasant Plains, IL and is past-President and current Executive Director for the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois. Frank is experienced in working with legislators, state and federal regulators and local government agencies on all issues related to horse ownership and has been intimately involved in many of the contemporary discussions on animal welfare, specifically as it relates to horses. He manages a family owned grain and livestock farm and raises Missouri Fox Trotting saddle horses.

Karin Bump, PHD, PAS

Karin Bump, PHD, PAS
Dr. Karin Bump is a Full Professor within the Management Division at Cazenovia College where she teaches a combination of equine management and traditional business courses.  As part of her research interests, Dr. Bump has traveled the country interviewing faculty and administrators on the views of legitimacy of academic programs while using the equine discipline as a case study.  Her work in this area led to the development of the National Association of Equine Affiliated Academics ( organization that builds on the benefits of inter-institutional collaboration by raising the awareness of the equine discipline and promoting and advancing its growth and improvement.  Dr. Bump holds leadership roles in a variety of industry and professional organizations such as the National Association of Equine Affiliated Academics (Director), the Equine Science Society (Board of Directors), the American Farm Bureau Federation (NY State Liaison), New York Farm Bureau (Equine Committee Chair), and New York Equine Leaders (Founding member). She is certified as a Professional Animal Scientist through the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.  Appointed by the Governor, Karin served on the NYS Governor’s Task Force on Retired Race Horses and has, as one of her many passions, ongoing involvement with the pressing topic of unwanted and ‘at-risk’ horses in the United States.   She is a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences, seminars, and industry events.
Dr. Bump can be reached at:

Timothy Williams

Timothy Williams
Tim Williams – President of CJC Adventures, LLC – holds a BS in Political Science and General Science as well as a MBA in Marketing. Tim is Co-Founder and Board Member of the National Association of Equine Affiliated Academics (  His professional background includes 31 years of college admission/marketing experience – including two colleges with substantial equine programs and equestrian teams – as well as equine industry work through John Madden Sales, the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament and the Lorenzo Driving competition. He provides consulting services for equine colleges/universities to enhance enrollment and revenue opportunities, to identify and implement plans to optimize existing equestrian resources and to provide professional strategic analysis for program review and/or development. In addition, he offers assistance to families and students interested in reviewing, choosing and enrolling in a post-secondary academic equine program and/or equestrian team.  As an aid and resource for this specialty, Tim has developed and maintains one of the most comprehensive national databases of equestrian educational opportunities at the post-secondary level.
Tim can be reached at:

Sheryl King, PHD, PAS

Sheryl King, PHD, PAS - President, Horsemen's Council of Illinois
Dr. King currently serves as the President of the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois and has been a member of its Board of Directors for 25 years. She is a Professor Emeritus and retired Founder and Director of the Equine Science Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  She is certified as a Professional Animal Scientist through the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.  
Dr. King received a BS degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and her PhD from the University of California Davis.  During her 30+ year career in higher education, she trained and graduated over 400 undergraduate and 22 graduate students, many of who are currently enjoying careers in the horse industry.  As Equine Science Program Director, Dr. King supervised the 50-horse University horse herd and provided advanced reproductive services to the university and community.  She generated over $2.3 million dollars in research grants, charitable donations, endowments and earned revenue while at SIUC.
Dr. King has received the SIU College of Agriculture Outstanding Scholar Award as well as their Faculty Service Award.  She has also been very involved in the national Equine Science Society, having served on their Board of Directors and received their Fellows Award for outstanding service.  Dr. King is author of 33 scientific research publications and many more general horse articles; she has presented her research in morse than a half dozen countries on four continents.
Although retired from her primary career in academia, Dr. King continues to serve the horse industry through active membership in a number of advisory boards, authoring educational articles and providing leadership on legislative issues of concern to the horse industry.

Rachel Boyce, DVM

Rachel Boyce, DVM
Dr. Rachel Boyce graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. She joined a mixed-animal practice in Robinson, IL where she worked on dogs and cats, livestock of all kinds, and horses. In 2004, she and her husband, Dr. CJ Boyce (also a veterinarian), moved to Springfield to join her father-in-law’s mixed-animal practice. However, after gaining several years of valuable experience in mixed animal practice Dr. Boyce chose to concentrate solely on horses. In 2006, she joined O’Keefe Equine Health Service to work with Dr. John O’Keefe in his mobile equine practice. In 2010, after forming a partnership, Dr. Boyce and Dr. O’Keefe opened Heartland Equine Health Center just west of Springfield. Dr. Boyce has a small farm in Springfield and currently owns 3 horses: an Arabian mare and 2 Shagya geldings. She has competed successfully through First Level in Dressage and has approximately 1,200 recorded miles in Endurance races (in 25 and 50 mile rides). In her spare time, she also enjoys practicing Ashtanga Yoga and long walks with her 3 Coonhounds — all “pound puppies”.

Marcy Heepke

Marcy Heepke
Marcy Heepke is the founder and owner of Triangle H Farm, LLC in Edwardsville, IL. She is an award winning, highly respected riding instructor, horse trainer and clinician. She grew up riding horses on her family’s Illinois farm throughout her youth and went on to show on the intercollegiate circuit and has showed up to the world show level. Marcy finished her Master’s Degree in Equine Science at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 2000. She started her equine facility “Triangle H Farm” in 2002 offering boarding, training, and lessons. Showing her dedication to teaching and safety, Marcy earned the highest certification level attainable, Level III in Stable Management and Stock Seat Equitation with the American Riding Instructors Association. The ARIA also twice awarded Marcy with a “Top 50 Riding Instructors in America” for her outstanding contributions to the equine industry.  Further illustrating her devotion to others, Marcy Heepke and Triangle H Farm, LLC received national recognition and a $10,000 award from Pfizer Animal Health and Stable Management Magazine as the “Top Barn in North America for Giving Back to the Community”. In 2010 Triangle H Farm, LLC was awarded the “Small Business of the Month” by the Riverbend Growth Association, the area’s Chamber of Commerce. Marcy was also honored as the “2010 Outstanding Ag Alumni” by Black Hawk College, the Junior College where she started her formal equine education. Marcy currently sits on the Illinois Equine Industry Research and Promotion Board for her second three-year term to assist with granting over $60,000+ per year of check-off funds for equine education, research and promotion. Most recently, Marcy Heepke was honored as the 2011 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale College of Agriculture’s “Outstanding Young Alumnus”.
Marcy is known for the many distinctive types of clinics and lessons she teaches students from youth to adults. She also offers quality horse boarding including several hundred acres of trails, team building workshops, horse judging, public speaking engagements, equine consulting, and more.
Triangle H Farm, LLC is located at 2082 South Moreland Road Edwardsville, IL 62025. For more information contact Marcy Heepke at 618-559-7746 or email at Visit us at and like us on Facebook.

Richard Breckenridge

Richard Breckenridge - Agricultural & Rural Affairs Advisor; Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Mr. Breckenridge is Illinois EPA’s Agricultural & Rural Affairs Advisor and has been with the agency seven years. In this capacity he works with the Illinois EPA Bureaus of Air, Land & Water, including the Department of Legal Counsel, assisting and advising on issues affecting agriculture and rural Illinois. At the agency, Mr. Breckenridge led in the creation of the regulatory and resource guide, “How to Build an Ethanol Plant in Illinois.” He was also instrumental in facilitating Illinois’ first agricultural carbon offset trading program…the Illinois Conservation Climate Initiative. In this position, he collaborates with statewide agricultural stakeholders, along with many of the state and federal agencies on issues affecting Illinois agriculture.
Mr. Breckenridge also has worked with many producer and stakeholder groups across Illinois in the promotion and implementation of manure methane digesters, composting projects and “green” strategies for livestock operations.
Mr. Breckenridge received his B.S from Illinois State University.

Shawn Lewis and Kathy Lewis

Shawn Lewis and Kathy Lewis
Shawn and Kathy Lewis founded and currently run the Legendary Mustang Sanctuary in Alhambra, Illinois. Both Shawn and Kathy grew up with many different breeds of horses. After being horse-less for a time, Kathy decided she wanted another horse and ended up with two wild mustangs.  Through their experience with these horses, and after talking to others about their mustang experiences, they saw a need to develop a way to provide help to others with their wild mustangs.  In response to repeated requests, they decided to open a sanctuary strictly for mustangs.
Since establishment of the sanctuary and taking in unwanted mustangs, they have succeeded in rehoming seven and have helped several people find homes for mustangs that they could no longer care for.
Shawn and Kathy also do presentations about Mustangs for groups such as Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts and 4-H groups.

Anita Howe

Anita Howe
With an early background with stock-type horses and a strong foundation in natural horsemanship, Anita Howe began training gaited horses about 17 years ago utilizing a strong desire to find partnership solutions to gait correction with classical training methods.  Upon exposure to the world of gaited horse shows, that aspiration turned into a life’s mission; to help owners, riders and enthusiasts understand how gaited horses respond better to natural training methods and that they deserve to carry their gaits in comfort and balance.  Anita authored a book titled “Freedom to Gait” and has begun her new gait training video series “Authentic Gaits of the Happy Horse”. She just released the first of these DVDs this year titled “The Running Walk and Intermediate Easy Gaits”.
Anita will be here to share her knowledge of equine biomechanics and how it relates to the easy gaits; to demonstrate solutions to gaiting problems without resorting to mechanics or gimmicks; to show us how every gait problem has a solution through natural horsemanship; and that you, too, can ask and receive your horse’s authentic gaits in balanced freedom and comfortable self-carriage.

Kindra Callahan

Kindra Callahan
Kindra grew up in Northwest Illinois on a small family farm where they raised livestock, produced grain and hay and had horses.  As a youth, Kindra competed in the 4-H and Open Breed Show all-around horse events.  She has a passion for horse and livestock judging, which she has pursued from a youngster through college, earning a spot on the 2007 AQHA World Champion Team and coaching the 2008 Reserve World Champion Horse Judging Team from Kansas State University.  Kindra is a graduate of Black Hawk College and Kansas State University. She is currently working on a Master’s degree in equine nutrition at Kansas State.
Kindra has been a Sales Specialist for Purina Animal Nutrition since 2010 and spends most of her time on Equine.  In her spare time she helps her husband with the Black Hawk College Horse Judging Team, she acts as a judge at open and youth horse shows and competes regionally in novice Team Roping events.

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