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Anita Howe

Anita Howe

With an early background with stock type horses and a strong foundation in natural horsemanship, Anita Howe began training gaited horses about 17 years ago utilizing a strong desire to find partnership solutions to gait correction with classical training methods. Upon exposure to the world of gaited horse shows, that aspiration turned into a life's mission to help owners, riders and enthusiasts understand how gaited horses respond better to natural training methods and deserve to carry their gaits in comfort and balance. Anita authored a book titled “Freedom to Gait” and has begun her new gait training video series “Authentic Gaits of the Happy Horse”. She just released the first of these DVDs this year titled “The Running Walk and Intermediate Easy Gaits”.

Anita will be here to share her knowledge of equine biomechanics and how it relates to the easy gaits; to demonstrate solutions to gaiting problems without resorting to mechanics or gimmicks; to show us every gait problem has a solution through natural horsemanship and you too can ask and receive your horse's authentic gaits in balanced freedom and comfortable soft-carriage.


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